Anti Covid-19 cleaning

How have we adjusted our standards of cleaning

The cleanliness of our accommodations has always been a priority for us. Finding a clean and tidy accommodation is for you guests a good start to your holiday and for us the best visiting card. In this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to ensuring clean accommodation, we are adopting procedures for the sanitazing of the premises in order to guarantee maximum safety during your stay in our accommodation.

Our anti-Covid 19 procedure

To this end, we are adopting the following procedure.

  • The premises are ventilated for at least three hours between a check-out and the next check-in
  • The staff carries out the cleaning with clean and disinfected clothes and shoes
  • The staff cleans the accommodation with disposable masks and gloves
  • The surfaces of the rooms are disinfected with solutions based on 0,1% sodium hypochlorite
  • The surfaces of the bathrooms are disinfected with solutions based on 0,5% sodium hypochlorite
  • Objects such as remote controls, knobs, electric switches, handles are disinfected with 90 ° alcohol
  • Non-washable fabrics are disinfected with a 70 ° alcohol solution
  • All washable fabrics are machine washed at a temperature of 90 °

Applying these procedures, in addition to our already high standard of cleanliness, requires more effort for our accommodation facility and less flexible check-in and check-out times for you guests.

What do we expect from our guests

For this reason, our check-in and check-out times, unless otherwise indicated, are:

  • Check-in: after 18.00
  • Check-out: by 09.00

Hoping you decide to spend a relaxing time here with us, we wish you good things and stay healthy.
Barbara & Andrea

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