Your pets in Croatia and in our accommodations

Your furry friend on vacation with you

Useful information to take your furry friend on vacation with you in Croatia

We are a Pet Friendly facility and your dogs, cats and ferrets are welcome here. There is a surcharge for their stay and they can be kept in the house with you. We provide a dog sitting service held by qualified personnel and we are in contact with a veterinarian.

To come on vacation to Croatia with you, your pet friend must have:
1. Valid international passport
2. Microchip
3. Rabies vaccine inoculated at least one month before entering Croatia and valid

In Croatia dogs must be kept on a leash and left free only in the designated areas. They can access beaches and the sea only where their access is expressly allowed by signs. If specified, a muzzle is required.
There are still no beaches properly equipped for dogs, so remember to bring what you need to spend time in the sun wit your pet. It is recommended to have a muzzle and a leash with you at all times.

Obviously, regardless of the laws, their excrements must be collected by the owner.
Our dogs and cats live within our property and other animals belonging to our guests may also be present. This is why your pets must always be kept under control and not let loose without any supervision.
We are a pet-friendly facility but we also welcome people who do not own pets and who may be allergic to dog or cat hair. Also in their respect, we ask you not to let your pets on the beds and sofas.


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