Istria by Bike

The bicycle is a good way to visit Istria because it allows you to enjoy all its beauties out of the classical summer season. In spring you will be amazed by the green fields and woods, the land being prepared for the sowing and the typical mediterranean vegetation (Maquis) blooming. In autumn, instead, you will be embraced by a mild climate and by the land that prepares for the winter and vegetation that will inflame before leaving the leaves fall.

For centuries in Istria agricultural fields have been separated by the classical dry stone walls. Over the years this has produced an intricate network of paths. These paths allow you to ride or walk along kilometers of green and peaceful country while admiring the beauties of cultivated lands, flora and wild animals and all this by being always able to have a glimpse on the sea.

The montain bike is the ideal mean to explore this labyrinth of dry stone walls. Some routes are also fantastic just for an easy walk (perhaps with your dog), for a run or for a little bit of jogging. Do not hesitate to ask us additional information, we will be glad to help you. It will be a pleasure to arrange a going out together, perhaps concluding this experience with a good glass of wine and a few slices of Istrian ham in some typical restaurant (Konoba), in a wine cellar or simply by the sea.

Wonderful and that deserves to be visited, is also the central part of Istria, where the absence of the beaches is filled by natural and architectural beauties of medieval towns. It is not a coincidence that the central Istria is often compared to the Italian Tuscany. As in Tuscany, you should not miss good wine, truffles and traditional good food. If you wish to visit this part of Istria, we can help you with additional information. Do not hesitate to contact our accredited tourist guide for further information and to book a tour.

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