Olive crop

Croatia is not just sea and beaches but also a wonderful place out of the summer season, in spring and autumn.

We own some olive trees near Fažana/Fasana, close to Vodnjan/Dignano town. This is a historical area for the production of the olive oil which, thanks to the climate and soil, gains high quality and it tastes very good.

The olive crop, which usually takes place in October, is also always a good occasion to stay in company and to party together. The whole family gathers for the olive crop and after the crop we go to the oil-mill. Our project is also to let the visitors learn the territory, its traditions and history. This is the reason why we offer the possibility to take part with us to our olive crop.

You can participate to this moment of celebration by taking part to the olive crop and having lunch together with a typical Istrian menu and good wine.

Do not miss the oppottunity to enjoy this funny experience which will allow you to learn better this magnificent land also out of the summer season.

Autumn is a good season not only for the olive crop but also to go mushrooming, to taste Istrian truffle, to go for a wine cellars tour and for beatiful walks and bike rides.

Do not hesitatate to ask us information about all the acitivities in this period of the year.

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