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The Austroungarian seadrom will be refurbished

This project has in view the requalification of the beaches providing also access for disabled people. Toilets, changing rooms and breakwater rocks will be built. Recreational areas and sport fields are also in project.

A good requalification project

This area on the beach is frequently visited during the summer because of its clear water and beautiful pineta wood but it needs to be refurbished. All the maintainance works of the beaches as the enhancement of this historical site are welcome. During the austro hungarian period this place was a military seadrome and some buildings testify its presence both in the sea and on the ground. In the background of the beach there is still present a military storehouse (there are present in this area also some military fortresses such as Fort Punta Christo) and in the sea there are still visible wharfs for the seaplanes.

On the nearby island of Kozada (you can visit it departing from Pula and Fažana) it was present a modern aviation school for the austrian army.

So, we can not wait to see the end of the works to include this very interesting area on the list of our beaches.


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